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Why developers are switching from web to mobile development

Posted on: Apr 12, 2019 @ 03:14 PM

Since the birth of smartphones, mobile devices claimed to be the dominant platforms over traditional desktop computers. Over the past years, the number of smartphones in use have exceeded that of PCs. And the trend towards mobile continues to rise as more and more people can access the internet right in their pocket.   


This is the main reason why web developers should consider making a switch to mobile development. Though mobile development can be intimidating at first, it is all worth the time and investment.


So let us discuss the reason why developers are switching from web to mobile development lately.


More people are on mobile devices.

Almost every people are using mobile devices. People spend most of their day on smartphones, using mobile applications whether for work, business, school, or entertainment matters. Developing a mobile app that will cater to their niches


Mobile developers are high in demand nowadays.

With the increased use of mobile devices, many business are resorting to having their products or services in mobile apps. Thus, mobile developers are in demand to create mobile applications that will reach audiences through their smartphones.


Your web development skills are applicable to mobile development.

Never think that your web development skills will be useless if you switch to mobile development. HTML mobile apps utilise web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS to create an experience similar to that of a native application. There are HTML5 mobile app frameworks available that you can use to make the transition from web development to mobile development easier.


Mobile Apps are smarter than web apps.

Nowadays, people have their mobile phones with them all the time. People's lives are so closely integrated into their devices that we can create interesting personalized features by taking advantage of their current location, contacts, calendar, schedule and other apps on their mobiles.


Sell your mobile app on PlayStore and App Store

Mobile applications you create can be proposed to PlayStore or the App Store as this is  a great distribution method and the best way to make revenues through direct sales. Submitting your applications through these platforms will allow discoverability, easy payment options and a possible prime spot for your mobile app.


It is evident that mobile applications are making a scene in technology as the use of mobile phones continues to bloom. Web developers can expand their knowledge by learning the ways of mobile applications as the demand for programmers rise.


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