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What's in trend for web development this 2019

Posted on: Apr 12, 2019 @ 03:20 PM

Throughout the years, web development services are changing rapidly adopting innovative technologies. Since the standards in web development changes faster than they can be implemented, it is a must to keep up with the latest trends, techniques and approaches that are gaining popularity.


This 2019, there are new styles to watch out for web development. Read on to know more about these emerging trends.


  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Progressive web applications or PWAs have appeared a couple of years ago and seen immense popularity. PWAs are web applications that combine the experience of browsers, websites and mobile applications. It is a web page that replicates a native mobile experience because it is fast, can work online or offline and is low-cost.


  1. Voice Search. Siri, Alexa, Cortana. They are only some of the digital voice assistants that began the era of voice search on smartphones.  Website developers should learn to integrate voice search option to enhance user experience.


  1. Chatbots. Chatbots are the most used application across all AI integrations. They allow customers to chat with an artificial human and they serve as a better option for businesses that needs to provide basic support 24/7.  Chatbots are concluded to be the future of marketing that can create opportunities for web development companies that can provide amazing solutions to enterprises.


  1. Motion User Interface. This is one of the main web design trends for 2019.  As the average attention span of a human being decline from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, web developers need to include motion UI to catch the attention of users.  It should be noted that web users prefer simple yet captivating and interactive graphics on web pages, as well as adding videos on the content.


  1. Push Notifications. Websites with push notifications can help reach larger number of audience and leverage the benefits of online marketing by encouraging visitors to take action.  Push notifications are one of the most powerful solutions for engaging visitors and customers but should not be overused.


  1. Single Page Applications (SPAs). Single page applications or SPAs are easier to  navigate because it eliminates the need to reload a web page when in use by loading all the content through Javascript. It gets rid of the intricate navigation and complex menus, running perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices. The simplicity and speed are the aspects that won the heart of web users which will make it more popular.


  1. Adaptability. Adaptive and scalable website applications like websites are on the rise. The trend of adaptability are due to the fact that more web users are accessing the web through multiple mobile devices. People have started to get rid of the idea of using computers outside their homes and resort to smartphones instead. To capture wider audiences, different web development services should accept the importance of adaptability as a key trend in web development this year.


Web development trends are accelerating faster than any other industries.

Aside from those mentioned above, augmented reality (AR), internet of things (IoT), cybersecurity and low code development are expected to trend, too. These rising web developments are set to open up more opportunities for web developers willing to learn and embrace new ideas.  It will also serve as a way to provide optimum user satisfaction.

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